Our Manufacturers

BLACKBURN – Electrical Connector Products
ELASTIMOLD – Primary Connectors, Splices & Vacuum Switchgear
FISHER-PIERCE – Capacitor Controls, FCI’s & Current Sensors
HI-TECH FUSES – Current Limiting Fuses
HOMAC – Distribution & Substation Connectors
JOSLYN HI-VOLTAGE – Reclosers, Capacitor Switches, Controls, Transfer & HV Disconnect Switches

Acuity Brands Lighting

AMERICAN ELECTRIC LIGHTING -Roadway, Security, Area, Sport & Decorative Lighting
ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS – Decorative Outdoor LED and HID Lighting
HOLOPHANE – Roadway, Security, Area, Sport & Decorative

Allied Bolt

Poleline Hardware


Lineman’s Climbing and Safety Equipment

Conex Cable

Aluminum Clad Steel Wire; Guy Wire


Cable Pulling Accessories

Elliott Industries

Padmounted Switchgear & Capacitor Controls

Lineman Canvas, Vinyl & Leather Products

Utility Pole Repair; PE Coupling Systems; Pour Foam Kits

Hot Line Tools & Accessories

Battery Operated compression and cutting tools

Group operated 15-69kv OH switches. Automation solutions.

T & D; Conductor lifting equipment, Pole pullers.

Wood Poles

Bare & Insulated Copper Wire

Distribution and Substation Porcelain Insulators

Distribution and Substation Porcelain Insulators

US-Made Flashlights & Hard Hat Lights

Custom reel, pole and utility trailers

Toughened Glass Suspension Insulators

Composite Lighting, T & D Poles, Dead End Arms & Crossarms

Conductor Pulling and Tensioning Equipment and Stringing Blocks; UG Cable Placement & Accessories

Handsfree wireless job site communications and hearing protection

Street light brackets: Fabrications: Square, Round  & Tapered Poles

Underground cable fault locating and high voltage testing equipment

Utility Grade Work and Leather Gloves